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Food and Water Safety

Seminar on Bioactives and Functional Foods : Safety, Benefits and Challenges 2022

First ILSI India Symposium on Safety and Benefits of Nanotechnology- Focus on Agriculture, Water Safety, Food & Food Safety, Nutrition, Packaging


USDA/ FSSAI/ ILSI INDIA/ Seminar on Food Additives: A Global Perspective on Safety Evaluation and Use 2018
Conference on Sweetness: Role of Sugar & Low Calorie Sweeteners 2017
Conference On Role Of Packaging In Ensuring Food Safety And Security 2017
International Workshop and Training Program on Good Food Laboratory Practices 2017
Scientific Conference on Low Calorie / Non Nutritive Sweeteners: Uses & Safety 2015
Conference on Foods Additives: Safety and Benefits 2015
International Conference on Infrastructure Needs For a Food Control System: Roadmap For Regional Harmonization 2014
International Conference on Climate Change and Implication for Water Resources and Nutrition Security 2013
Scientific Workshop On Biotech Safety Assessment 2013
Presentations and Doordarshan Coverage of ILSI-India Workshop on “Risk Based Approaches to Food Safety and Management” 2012
Abstracts of Presentations made at the International Conference on Current and Innovative Approaches In Microbiological Food Safety Management 2008
Presentations of Microbiological Food Safety Conference 2008
Abstracts of Presentations made at the International Conference on "New Developments in Food Processing: Next Generation Technologies for Healthy Foods", Goa 2007
Abstracts of Presentations made at Conference on "Packaging for Safety of Foods" 2006
Food safety Surveillance and Monitoring System for India 2005
Symposium On Risk Assessment Of Pesticide Residues In Water And Food 2003
Modernizing food Control Systems in SAARC Region 2002
International Conference on Water Quality Management 2002
South Asian Conference on Food Safety 2000