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About ILSI India and ILSI

ILSI India is an Entity of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), headquartered in Washington DC. ILSI India provides scientific inputs and secretariat assistance to the South Asian Region, which includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


ILSI India activities primarily focus on local and regional issues and involve leading national and international experts in the deliberations. ILSI India is the leader in the region in focusing attention and devoting resources on critical areas in food and water safety, nutrition, risk assessment, harmonization of food regulations, improvement in the health profile of malnourished children and women, and agriculture sustainability including biotechnology. Special attention is given to the importance of complementary foods and food fortification like food safety, under nutition, overweight and obesity, bone health, water quality management.


ILSI India carries out its mission through sponsoring workshops, symposia, conferences, seminars, training programs, research projects, and publications. Please see Scientific Initiatives of ILSI India for further information.


ILSI India works closely with government, industry, research institutions, academia, and international organizations (ILSI India Partners in Activities). ILSI India’s Board of Trustees is comprised of individuals from industry, academia, government and research organizations who bring a range of expertise, experience, and perspective to their work defining and achieving ILSI India’s goals. These individuals are unpaid volunteers who take their scientific and fiduciary responsibilities to the organization seriously. They serve on ILSI India’s Board of Trustees as individuals and do not represent their employers. Country Committees have been established in the South Asian Region for management of country programs.


Founded in 1978, ILSI is a non-profit, worldwide organization whose mission is to provide science that improves human health and well-being and safeguards the environment. ILSI entities design programs to foster multi-sector collaboration conducting, summarizing, and disseminating science related to the world’s most pressing health issues. ILSI strategy encourages global action on identifying and then resolving outstanding scientific questions in four thematic areas that capture the core of ILSI’s work:

Food Safety
Risk Science and Toxicology
Nutrition and Health
Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition Security

These focus areas provide structure for responding to and raising awareness of the pressing issues society faces. They also help elucidate new opportunities for driving scientific progress. ILSI's work is guided by its Code of Ethics, Scientific Integrity and Organizational Standards of Conduct.


ILSI accomplishes this work through its worldwide network of ILSI Entities. ILSI's scientific publications are duly recognized all over the world. They include the journal Nutrition Reviews and the book Present Knowledge in Nutrition. Please visit www.ilsi.org for more information on ILSI and its network.