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Food Fortification

    The "Conference on Fortification of Processed Foods: The Way to Healthier Diet" was held in Dhaka on December 15, 2003. Over 150 delegates from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and other countries' as also from international organizations, participated. The Conference was inaugurated by Mr Abdullah Al Noman, Hon'ble, Minister for Food, Government of Bangladesh.  
    Recognising the serious health and socio-economic implications of these micronutrient deficiencies resulting in death, disability and national productivity loss, amounting to a GDP loss of Rs.75,000 crores per year, it is recommended that a combination of the following intervention strategies need to be considered.  
    ILSI International and ILSI-India have devoted a great deal of attention to elimination of micronutrient deficiencies through micronutrient food fortification. The success of the "National Conference on Micronutrient Fortification of Foods" organized in Jaipur, India in 1999 and the type of lead given by Jaipur Declaration to industry, government, academia and research organizations prompted ILSI-India to organize similar activities in other parts of the South Asian region.  
    The Committee on Food Fortification which met in New Delhi in July 1999 had recommended that regional conferences should be organized to understand regional problems and to motivate industry in the regions to undertake fortification of processed foods. Accordingly, four conferences were held in Bangalore, Pune, Calcutta and Lucknow. The recommendations made by the participants at these conferences have been consolidated and the following action program presented for consideration of the Committee on Food Fortification.