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Nutrition, Immunity and Health

    The world over, populations have been aging. This has mainly resulted from reduction in fertility rates. Although India has the youngest population with people over 60 years of age presently constituting about 7.5 per cent, it is estimated that, in the next two decades, this percentage will go up to 11.7 per cent. In absolute numbers the elderly in India will exceed 160 million in 2025 which would be 3.9 times the number in Japan and about 1.9 times the number in the US in that year.  
    International Life Sciences Institute-India had organized a Conference on 'Nutrition and HIV/AIDS: From Knowledge to Action' which was cosponsored by National Aids Control Organization, Ministry of Health, National Aids Research Institute, National Institute of Nutrition, World Health Organization, UN World Food Program, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, AVERT Society, USAID/India. Perhaps the Conference was the first in India to discuss the importance of nutrition to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA).  
    The two-day (28-29 Sept) Conference was sponsored by International Life Sciences Institute - India and co-sponsored by Department of Food Processing Industries, GOI; Ministry of Health, GOI; ILSI Center for Health Promotion; and the Wellcome Trust, in association with Diabetes Foundation of India; ILSI Human Nutrition Institute; International Diabetes Federation; National Institute of Nutrition; and Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India.