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“International Conference On New Plant Breeding Molecular Technologies –Technology Development And Regulation” held on October 9, 2014 and October 10, 2014 in Hotel Le Meriden, Jaipur.
  Welcome Address, Mr. D.H. Pai Panandiker, Chairman, ILSI-India.
  Overview-Status of Science and Technology Advances in Agriculture Biotechnology, Dr. Peter Kearns, Principal Administrator, OECD.
  Zinc Finger Nucleases, Dr. Matthew Cahill, Research and Development Leader, Australia/New Zealand, Dow Agro Sciences, Australia
  Recent Advances in Precision Genome Engineering: Implications for Crop Improvement, Dr. Amitabh Mohanty, Lead Discovery (Ag Biotech), DuPont Knowledge Centre, Hyderabad
  The Importance Of Cis- And Intragenesis For (Classical) Plant Breeding, Prof Evert Jacobsen, Scientific Director, Wageningen University and Research Center, The Netherlands
  Reverse Breeding, Dr. T.G. (Erik) Wijnker, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Hamburg, Biozentrum Klein Flottbek, Department of Developmental Biology, Germany
  RNA-Based Tools In Plant Breeding, Dr. Alexios Polidoros, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Agriculture, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  SPT Rice, Dr. Valasubhramanian Ramaiah, Registration & Regulatory Affairs, Pioneer Overseas Corporation, Hyderabad
  RNAi For Nematode Management, Dr. Uma Rao, Principal Scientist, Division of Nematology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.
  RNAi - An Emerging Technology For Developing Virus Resistance In Crop Plants, Dr. K. Poovannan, Senior Biotechnologist, Rasi Seeds P Ltd, Tamil Nadu.
  RNAi In Relation To Rice Development Under Salt And High Temperature Stress, Dr. Neeti Sanan Mishra, Staff Research Scientist, Plant Molecular Biology, International Center For Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, New Delhi.
  OECD Guidance Documents, Dr. Peter Kearns, Principal Administrator, Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development (OECD), Paris.
  New Plant Breeding Techniques In The European Union: Experience, Regulation And Existing Guidance, Dr. Boet Glandorf, GMO Office, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, The Netherland
  New Plant Breeding Techniques And Australian Gene Technology Legislation, Dr. Michael Dornbusch, Assistant Secretary, Evaluation Branch, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR), Australia.
  Frameworks And Scientific Basis For Risk Assessment As Compared To Commercialized GM Crops In South Africa. Regulatory Guidance/Experiences For New Plant Breeding Molecular Biology Technologies Legal, Ms. Nompumelelo Mkhonza , Registrar GMO Act, 1997, Genetic Resources Biosafety , National Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, South Africa
  Regulatory Guidance/ Experiences For New Plant Breeding Molecular Biology Technologies In USA & Canada, Dr. Morven McLean, Director, Center for Environmental Risk Assessment, ILSI Research Foundation, Washington DC, USA
  Legal And Scientific Basis Of Risk Assessment Related To NPBTS In Japan: Comparison With Commercialized GM Crops In Japan, Dr. Junichi Tanaka, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Crop Science, Japan
  Regulatory Guidance / Experiences For New Plant Breeding Molecular Biology Technologies In Argentina, Dr. Agustina Whelan, Incharge, Biosafety Assessment of GMOs , Directorate Of Biotechnology, Argentina
  Indian GMO Regulations And Implications On New Plant Breeding Molecular Technologies, Dr. S R Rao, Advisor, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India