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Presentations at Indo - US Conference On Recent Scientific Developments In Vitamin D And Health, on 13th. - 14th. Nov 2009, Hyderabad
  Session I
Key Methodological Issues to Consider for Monitoring Vitamin D Status of a Nation Mary Frances Picciano, Ph.D.
  Current Knowledge of Vitamin D Metabolism and Function Dr. Glenville Jones
  Vitamin D Status : A Global Perspective by Dr. Ambrish Mithal
  Vitamin D status in Vitamin D status in Indians by Maj Gen. R.K. Marwaha Marwaha
  Vitamin D in At-Risk Populations by Bonny Specker, PhD
  Session II
Technical Issues In Measurement Of Vitamin D Status: Variability & Standard Reference Material by Dr. Glenville Jones
  Assessing Vitamin D Content of Foods And Supplements Development Of The National Nutrient Database by Dr. Joanne Holden
  The role and challenges of increasing vitamin D in the food supply by Dr Hannah Theobald
  Role and Challenges of increasing Vitamin D in the Food Supply by Dr. Michael McBurney
  Session III
  Calcium and Vitamin D Status Across Life Stages - Elderly - Perspective by Prof. Dr. C V Harinarayan
  Vitamin D During Pregnancy And Lactation by Dr. Bonny Specker
  Vitamin D And Preeclampsia : Maternal Adverse Outcomes by Dr. P. M. Brannon
  Vitamin D : Infancy, Childhood And Adolescence by Dr. Christopher Kovacs
Vitamin D Status : Pregnancy / Lactation / Infancy And Childhood Indian Perspective by Dr Nikhil Tandon
  Vitamin D and Calcium Impact On Falls And Fractures In The Elderly by Dr. Bess Dawson
  Session IV
  Vitamin D and Cancer : Current Dilemmas/Future Needs by Cindy D. Davis
Vitamin D and Autoimmunity: Is Vitamin D Status An Environmental Factor Affecting Autoimmune Disease Prevalence? by Dr. Margherita Cantorna
  Concluding Session