Presentation at ILSI-India Meetings
Presentations of ILSI Annual Meeting and Science Symposium held in January 2019
Conference on : Role of Probiotics in Promoting Healthy Microbiome for Health and Immunity
USDA/ FSSAI/ ILSI INDIA/ Seminar on Food Additives: A Global Perspective on Safety Evaluation and Use
Recent Developments In Food Science And Technology For Better Nutrition
Conference on Sweetness: Role of Sugar & Low Calorie Sweeteners
Seminar on Health for All
Conference On Role Of Packaging In Ensuring Food Safety And Security
Conference on Whole Grains for Promoting Health
International Workshop and Training Program on Good Food Laboratory Practices” held on November 15-19 at PTH, Mumbai
Workshop On National Food Consumption, Anthropometry And Physical Activity Survey” held on 24 December, 2015.
Expert Consultation On Nutrient Risk Assessment For Determination Of Safe Upper Levels For Nutrients” held on 4th December, 2015.
International Conference on Role of Diet, Physical Activity & Lifestyle in Promoting Health held on 20-21 November, 2015
Scientific Workshop on Safety Assessment of GM Foods held on 14-15 October, 2015
Scientific Conference on Low Calorie / Non Nutritive Sweeteners: Uses & Safety
Conference on Foods Additives: Safety and Benefits
International Conference on Infrastructure Needs For a Food Control System: Roadmap For Regional Harmonization
International Conference On New Plant Breeding Molecular Technologies –Technology Development And Regulation
Expert Consultation on Regulatory Science for Risk Assessment in Agriculture Biotech
Conference On Processed Foods For Nutrition Security
Fortification of Milk with Vitamin D Strategy to Eliminate Vitamin D Deficiency in India
International Conference on Climate Change and Implication for Water Resources and Nutrition Security
Scientific Workshop On Biotech Safety Assessment
ILSI-India Workshop on Milk Fortification As A Strategy To Address Vitamin D Deficiency”, 12 July, 2013, New Delhi.