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Presentations at "Scientific Conference on Understanding and Managing Sweetness" on September 17, 2009, New Delhi
  Inaugural Session
  Welcome Address by Mr. D. H. Pai Panandiker, Chairman ILSI-INDIA
  Session I
  Importance of Adequate and Balanced Nutrition by Dr. Biplab K. Nandi
  The key role of sweetness in health-promoting diets and lifestyles by Adam Drewnowski
  Why Manage Sweetness- A Perspective from the Food Industry by Dr. Maxime Buyckx
  Session II
  Diet and Nutrition Situation and Time Trends in India by Dr. B. Sesikeran
  Diet and Lifestyles by Dr. Shobha Udipi
  Sweetness in Indian Cuisine and Culture by Dr. Deepti Gulati
  Session III
  Safety Evaluation and Safety of Non-nutritive Sweeteners by Dr. Bernadene Magnuson
  Food Regulations & Safety of Food Ingredients by Dr. J S Pai
  Handling Sugar and Sweeteners Intakes Indian Experience by Dr. Rekha Sharma R.D
  Session IV
  All Calories Count Why Manage Calorie Balance by Dr. John P. Foreyt
  Importance of Physical Activity In Maintaining The Calorie Balance by Dr.Y.Venkata Ramana